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Our Vision.

Make Driving on Indian streets pleasant and safe.


Our Mission.


Change and improve driving behavior thru Patience, Empathy and Respect.



About Us­

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of road safety. I moved from US to India with my family few years back. Each time we visited India, the first thing that struck me was constant honking of vehicles and the noise on the streets. All of us witness the unpleasant driving experiences, read about road accidents and road rage incidents. We see vehicles, cars jumping lanes, drivers violating traffic rules, jumping lights.....This needs change, this can change.


This change starts with you and with each one of us. Driving can be pleasant, roads can be safer. We need to act today.




Our vision is to make driving on Indian streets pleasant and safe.


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The Founder - Sneha Makhijani

Support and Finance -  Friends and Family